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Alternatives to Domestic Violence has been providing services to victims of domestic violence and their families in Western Riverside County, California, since 1978.

Look around our website and you will see that through integrated programs, services and education, ADV seeks to assist individuals and families in their efforts to change and rebuild their lives free of domestic violence and abuse.

NEW: Co-Parenting Program Coming in January!
The Co-Parenting Program is designed to assist former spouses or partners to enter into a cooperative relationship with each other in an effort to maintain a hostile-free environment where the child's best interest is fostered and held in regard.  Copparents learn healthy boundaries and communication skills to appropriately manage anger, resolve conflict, and how to effectively implement parenting plans that adhere to court orders.
More on this vital program coming soon...

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November 12th
12:00am to 11:59pm
Supporters of ADV can go online, connect with us and make a donation all from the comforts of where ever you are and whatever you do, even if it's from home in your pajamas.  Search for Alternatives to Domestic Violence through the Give BIG Riverside site, through our Facebook page or right here on our website.  All you have to do is click on donate and your donation stays local and helps us provide needed services throughout western Riverside County.


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WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Our goal is $56,000.  By using your social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and encouraging your network family, friends and contacts to participate in a great cause look at what you can do:
  • If 7 people give $20 each, we raise $140; however
  • If 7 people contact 20 people, that's 140 people.
  • And if 140 people give $20 that's $2,800; however
  • If 140 contacts contact 20 people, that's 2,800 people,
  • And if 2,800 people give $20 each, we raise $56,000!
Everyone has heard internet stories that touch people across the country; and with donations as low as a few dolloars to many dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised in order to support a single cause.  The funds that we raise go to help many individuals and families as we work to break the cycle of domestic violence.  Please LEND US A HAND by being a part of the solution to end domestic violence in the lives of countless families throughout the county.


If You or Someone You Know Needs Help
Call 1-800-339-SAFE

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Your computer activities might be impossible to erase. We cannot guarantee that visiting our site will not compromise the confidentiality nor the safety and/or security of every person who accesses our website. If you suspect someone might be monitoring you, please use a safer computer or call our Crisis Line from a telephone that is not a cell or cordless telephone for more information. Click here for more information.

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